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Treatment plan for a 24 year old with unstable hair loss (use of PRP-PRF with before-after images)



Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
A 24-year-old visited us in early 2020 as part of a possible short-term hair transplant.

During the consultation it became clear that he did not have a stable hair situation. He didn't use any hair-strengthening meds yet. Hair loss present in the family.

Hair situation in early 2020:

Front: very strong thinning to full baldness

Middle piece : good quality

Crown area : clear signs of dilution


PRP+PRF Treatments (3)

Start-up with Finasteride+Minoxidil Lotion

Re-evaluation after about 12 months.

9 Months later – follow-up consultation

The patient has strictly adhered to the preparatory protocol.

Front: good to very good regrowth in this area

Middle piece : unchanged good

Crown area : almost complete regrowth

Note : the patient is red-haired and informs that the color has become brighter red after 9 months.
Eli PRP na 9 maanden 800.jpgEli PRP na 9 maanden achteraan 800.jpg


His hair loss has since been completely stabilized.

The crown is fully recovered, a transplant is unnecessary

Up front : the hair situation is significantly improved, a transplant with far fewer grafts than initially would have been necessary.

The patient is very satisfied and will have a transplant performed in the course of 2021.

Further improvement is still to be expected in the meantime.


4 awesome repairs with SMG
What a result this guy has had with the meds... How many grafts do you think he will need for the front?


Staff member
He responded really well to the meds. Great approach he and the clinic have taken dealing with his hair loss.
He must be very happy.