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Trichophytic scar results


Dr Rogers

Valued member
Here are two tricho closure results, the first two pictures is an excellent result, the third picture (as a counterpoint in respect of honesty and transparency) is good but not as good.
However, it is representative of the result that the majority of patients should attain.





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Hmmm... Well I certainly can't see the first example *nl so I would have to agree that it is damn good. The second I believe I can see and would agree that it too is a good result and would have to assume that most would be very happy with these results.



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The first two pics of the gray haired guy with very short hair is the first example and the prepped donor with long brown hair is the second example. That's how I read the post. They both have very good donor scar results.

Thanks for the examples.


Staff member
Hi Dr Rogers

The first example is indeed excellent with no trace of a scar,do you have a picture of his donor closure immediately after surgery so we can see what it looked like.

The 3rd picture is also very good and most would be happy with a scar like that.

Also any surgery pre and post op picturesof these patients would be great if you have them to post.

Thanks bm.