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turkey hair academy 4700 grafts Fue




After a lot of consideration, I have proceeded with Turkey Hair Academy for my hair transplant procedure just a couple weeks ago. I have seen great results on their socials and thanks to Sercan I was able to talk with former patients as well about their experiences. The next day of my arrival to the country, I was picked up from the hotel and was taken to the clinic. We got started with my blood works and then my consultation with Doctor İsmail. Extraction was carried out by chief surgeon and after that Doctor Ismail did the incisions for the channels. My consultant was present in the room at all times for assistance. We finished up with the implantation of the grafts into the channels. The procedure took around 7.5 hours which was okay for me. Spent the rest of the day resting at my hotel room as I was exhausted. On my last day in the country, I went back to the hospital for a check up done by Doctor Ismail and the staff did my first washing. Sercan explained every detail to me about the aftercare. Below you can find my photos which I have took recently.


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