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Uneven grafts placement in temples



Hello Guys,

This is my first post on here and was hoping to get some feedback on my concern.

I'm coming up to near 4 weeks post my tranplant and it appears that the number grafts placed in my left temple are less than my right. This is visible by the area being light and not as dense as the right temple.

I've posted some pictures below, which also are from the day after the procedure which shows the scabs on my left less and lighter than the right hand side, which makes me sure that it's not me shedding more from that area..

Take a look guys and let me know what you think, as I'm always very critical of myself:

IMG_20190416_172721.jpg Screenshot_20190415-164013__01.jpg Screenshot_20190415-164603__01.jpg Screenshot_20190416-181015__01.jpg Screenshot_20190416-182534.jpg

I understand it's not a huge deal, but when you paid you money you'd hope they would atleast get the temples even, so I'd not have one patchy and thin...kinda defeats the reason why I had it done.

Thanks in advance!