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Uneven hairline after HT



Hi everyone

Hoping someone can help? I recently had a hair transplant 1 week today of apparently 2000 grafts but I’m not convinced that 2000 grafts have been used, and I’m also worried that they haven’t done a very good job as it seems on the left side there are some large gaps without grafts,

I would really appreciate your thoughts as i feel I might have been scammed as i was charged £3 per graft so £6000 in total so far from cheap,

And I’m also very concerned with my new hairline it seems quite wonky on the left side and just doesn’t Aline right,

do u think this has been done intentionally?

I'll attach some photos please let me know ur honest thoughts as I’m unsure whether to put a complaint in or not?

Thanks guys.





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I can see that the hairline is wonky and I take it the swelling has all gone down?? Which clinic performed this procedure? I’m sure people who are more experts on graph numbers here will chime in and answer your questions about them.


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Hello Rix and welcome to the forum.
The graft count looks about right for the area covered. 1500 plus depending on the density. If you could ask the clinic what density they placed at as this would help you.
You`re 7 days post op which is why it appears there are gaps. Some hairs could have shed already.
It would be beneficial if you could post your immediate post op pictures showing the newly transplanted grafts and showing your donor area to get a rough estimate of extractions.
As for your hairline. At first glance, it looks lower on the right hand side but I believe this may be due to the angle of the picture, your head or the camera not being quite straight and possibly some swelling.

I`ve attached a picture below that shows your ear is higher on the left side. This indicates your head or camera was not level unless this ear is naturally higher.

I hope that helps and will await further pictures.



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As Bigmac has explained, the angle of the camera and/or your head is not quite "square".
As can be seen with the additional lines below, the tips of each ears and points of each eyebrow are not aligned.
The vertical red lines from eyebrow to hairline are copied and therefore of equal distance. Whilst the left line (your right temple) touches your hairline, the right line (your left temple) falls just short by a few mms, but nothing of concern in terms of distance. It seems to appear an even larger distance due to the added angle of your face and head.
It is normal to have such irregularities in design to mimic nature.
If you can provide a further photo with your chin at 90 degrees and a "straight/square" face to better understand the design.
Another very important point is that when you hairline grows in, it will represent a very different visual to now.

Screenshot 2021-03-24 at 14.09.52.png


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How is everything looking with you being over the shedding stages?