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Unnatural Hairline - Repaired by Dr Cooley



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I had my surgery with Dr Cooley and it was the best experience I could have hoped for, far beyond my already high expectations. Dr Cooley and his team are truly passionate and care about what they are doing.

The main reason for choosing Dr Cooley was that I wanted a doctor involved in all parts of the procedure and he definitely was, literally everything including detailed consultation on hairline, shampooing, cutting my hair, graft removal, electrolysis, incisions and graft placement. It is all such a well oiled machine and everyone in the team is an expert in what they are doing and on the same wavelength.

The graft count is as follows:

  • Single: 453
  • Double: 717
  • Triple: 18
Total Grafts: 1188

A Cell was injected into both my donor and
recipient area

30 approx grafts were destroyed by electrolysis as they would have been transacted and the rest of the grafts on the forehead were removed via FUE and recycled into the hairline.

The team is going to send me some photos but in the meantime here are some that I’ve taken below:

This is how my hairline looked like just before surgery. Photos were taken by Dr Cooley.

You’ll see I actually trimmed down the right hand side because it looked very bad and was impossible to style

Unnatural hairline repair.jpeg

Hairline repair.jpeg

Repair of unnatural hairline.jpeg

(Please note this repair surgery was just 24 hours ago and I have zero pain or taking pain killers, just some slight swelling)

Dr Cooley Hair Transplant2.png
Dr Cooley Hair Transplant3.png

Dr Cooley Hair Transplant4.png
Dr Cooley Hair Transplant5.png

Dr Cooley Hair Transplant6.png
Dr Cooley Hair Transplant7.png

Third-day recovery, clearing up extremely nicely, little to no numbness, and zero pain.

Dr Cooley Hair Transplant8.jpeg

Dr Cooley Hair Transplant11.jpeg

Dr Cooley Hair Transplant10.png
Dr Cooley Hair Transplant9.png


  • Dr. Cooley Hair Transplant1.png
    Dr. Cooley Hair Transplant1.png
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Day 5 recipient site.

Day 5 recipient site - Dr. Jerry Cooley..jpeg

Day 6 Donor and recipient.

Day 6 donor post op dr. Jerry Cooley.jpeg

Day 6 post op recipient - Dr. Jerry Cooley.jpeg

Day 7, appreciate anyone’s thoughts on how they think it’s progressing so far?

Also, what is the typical timeline that the redness is present in the recipient area?

post op day 7 Dr. Cooley.jpeg

Pst Op day 7 - Hair Center.jpeg

Day 9, redness starting to fade.

Day 9 post op Dr. Jerry Cooley.jpeg

1 month update guys, coming along really nicely and the redness has begun to fade which is nice.

It’s strange having a hairline that isn’t unnaturally straight as I’ve been used to that for the past year lol but anyway I’m excited to see how this pans out.

Dr. Cooley hair transplant5.jpeg

Dr. Cooley hair transplant3.jpeg

Dr. Cooley hair transplant1.jpeg

Dr. Cooley hair transplant6.jpeg

Dr. Cooley hair transplant7.jpeg


  • Day 9 post op Dr. Jerry Cooley.jpeg
    Day 9 post op Dr. Jerry Cooley.jpeg
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6 Week Update

Hi Guys, thought I’d drop a 6 week update, not a huge amount has changed but definitely can feel stubble coming through and if you look closely you can see the hairs starting to sprout.

I appreciate the hairline seems fairly dense but please bear in mind that I have already had 2 transplants in this area and the goal is to repair the unnaturalness.

Any comments or questions appreciated.

Also I had a quick question regarding shedding, does this typically stop now or should I expect more?

pictures below of hair dry and wet.

Dr Cooley1.jpeg
Dr Cooley2.jpeg
Dr Cooley3.jpeg
Dr Cooley4.jpeg
Dr Cooley5.jpeg
Dr Cooley6.jpeg
Dr Cooley7.jpeg
Dr Cooley8.jpeg


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Hi Hairntear. Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your story. It`s good to hear everything went well during this surgery.
Your original hairline was poorly designed giving it the unnatural appearance that I`m sure made you paranoid. Having the punchouts and electrolysis, together with Dr Cooley`s skill and the newly transplanted grafts should create a nice natural look. You healed well post op with the redness subsiding a lot.
Shedding should have stopped at 6 weeks. Sometimes you might have stalled hairs that need a little help to shed. It`s a bonus if you`re feeling new stubbles popping through this early.
I`m looking forward to following your progress.
All the best.


That's impressive how quickly your scalp improved. The temple areas look much better with the new design, together with your existing hairline you’d think nothing has been done, no sign of surgery. A testament to Dr. Cooley`s ability. He sure is an elite doctor.


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Thanks guys for the feedback, I’m looking forward to seeing how this progresses!


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It will be a huge relief for you having the hairline shape rectified and the naturalness that will follow with the new grafts....Dr Cooley is a class act.


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Thanks @bullitnut ! I think it looks better already. The thing was before you could see a lot thick like clumps of hair which looked stalky when I styled it back. We removed some of them but Dr Cooley said he couldn’t remove all as we would then end up with a problem of a lack of density which would put me in a worse spot. I’m just at that 7 week mark where I’m waiting for the hair to start growing and feeling a bit anxious as I can still see some stalky thicker grafts in the hairline. I’m hoping that with the new singles dr Cooley planted and the right angles that they will camouflage the thicker grafts and the hairline will have a natural soft appearance where the naked eye can’t detect exactly where it begins. Hope this makes sense lol


4 awesome repairs with SMG
The fine single hairs should help to camouflage the stalky hairs….If you do have the odd one here and there that stands out you could always ask for them to be punched out.


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The fine single hairs should help to camouflage the stalky hairs….If you do have the odd one here and there that stands out you could always ask for them to be punched out.
Many thanks for that advice, I’ll see how it turns out :)