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Very disappointed with my SMP results at Brandwood Solihull. Pictures included



So at the start of 2020 my hairline had completely gone. In April 2022, I had my first SMP session with Brandwood. June 2002 my second. August 2022 my third. May 2023 was my top session.
Essentially my hair line was nowhere near symmetrical after Brandwood finished with it. I alerted the artist at the first session after he drew the white line on my head. He said.. no it's just the shape of your head. I'll attach a picture showing my final 'Nike Tick Hairline'
I initially wanted to go with Paul Clark here, but I missed my initial consultation and the manager Jamie gave me a stinging voicemail, telling me to not waste people's time, and I sort of assumed that may have came from Paul. But it didn't as I saw him onsite in person there and he was super nice.
Anyway, this lead me picking another artist. He seemed like a nice guy so I thought okay. Again the hairline was rushed in the beginning, no doubt about that. It was almost a take-it or leave-it speech from him. But when you are nervous and a little bit unsure of everything, you have to place some trust in the artist.
I was then slightly bemused when the artist said that... "as we are Caucasians, we can't go too dark with the pigment". I am Caucasian but my skin tone is a lot darker then the artist's. This issue will come up later in the post.
Anyway I proceeded to have 3 sessions with this artist at Brandwood. I was a little happier each time as obviously having something on your head generally looks better than being fully bald. After the 3rd session I took the top-up session about 9 months later because I could see big gaps from where the pigments were to where the hairline started. I wanted those areas filled in and the hair line improved. This session didn't last too long and some pigments were put in but nowhere near enough on reflection, it can be difficult to tell at first as the area goes dark. But a couple of weeks after, I knew.
After another 5 months the hairline was starting to bother me, I could see it wasn't symmetrical at all, which I knew but you put it of out your mind, until I got a comment about. On one side it was higher than the other. Which again, I originally pointed out to the artist but he went with an 'I know best' approach'. I then tried to contact the artist through WhatsApp to have one more mini session to sort out the hair line. But on WhatsApp the message just had the 2 grey ticks. Seemingly, he saw the message but didn't want to bother with me anymore.
Therefore, I looked elsewhere for another provider to sort the hairline. There is a SMP artist in Essex who looked like he did some good work, so I went do there and had him lower the hairline on that side. He charged me £150 for this but it was a good little improvement. Add in the £50 travel costs from Birmingham to Essex though.
As I moved home recently and have to start watching my money I thought to actually contact Brandwood and see if they would re-imburse me with that £150. I got through to Jamie again though and he said no. As "I'd gone to a different provider". I told him that I'd tried to contact the artist but he ignored my message. He said that the artist had swapped his phone recently... so may have lost some messages. Quite a hokey explanation if you ask me. So I used my spare phone to message him on WhatsApp under a different name, and wouldn't you know... he responded to that straight away. It was the same number so there's no way he would have missed my original message. I have the screenshots of all of this if anyone doubts me.
Anyway we go on another few months, up to recently, and I find myself wearing my cap a lot. Often outside I just look bald. I know this can still happen with having had SMP but it was almost all the time. I believe this was a case of having those big gaps between the impressions and where the hairline started, essentially not blending the two close enough together. I believe the artist was quite tentative in this regard, and knew I had a sharp eye, so thought he'd just play it overly safe. Maybe he was saving time as well.
There was also 2 other big reasons to me not liking the treatment, which only a really top artist can tell you. I paid another £500 to a top class artist, who I won't name but had to go with.
When they recently did the session in January 2024, they said 2 things. One was that the blending hadn't been done properly at all. Around the back it was non exsistant and even at the top it was very poor(which I knew about and that's why I went to this guy - big gap between impressions and hairline on both sides). He also said that the pigment used doesn't seem dark enough for my complexion. Remember this from earlier? This now effects what the artist can do.
So now, I have potentially been permanently compromised with not having the right pigment done originally. And I paid £2250 to Brandwood for that and since then a further £700 in what you can call, repair costs.
I take some responsibility for this as I should have went with Paul Clark originally. I heard him talking in the next booth on one of my sessions and I just thought, I should have done everything to go with him, he just sounds like an expert.
So there we are, I am happier than I was with having this latest session. It might require another session from the current artist as he said that you can't blend it properly in 1 session, which I understand. I might be okay to pay him a nominal fee for his time, on that one.
I'd rate my experience with Brandwood at 3/10. Nice building, professional set-up but poor result. If Brandwood see this then my name is Sam. You have my email and bank details so you can re-imburse for the £2250 and I can remove this review as hopefully, lessons will have been learned going forwards. You'll know who I am because I e-mailed Jamie directly asking for the £150 and that's where I sent my bank details, but he flatly refused. If he didn't come at me aggressively in the beginning I would have just went with Paul Clark, who I know has left them now, and none of this would have happened.

I'll attach pictures here below for context:

Picture 1 - The Nike Tick hairline - Taken May 2023 after top-up.
Picture 2 - Not blended properly - December 2023
Picture 3 - Not blended at all that back. No pigments at all in bald spot. Artist said I can address that in years to come...

You wouldn't believe I had 4 SMP sessions with them from what you can see. I was a bit cautious with having a low hairline but it was definitely left too high on the on side. A part of the reason I was cautious as well because at first session I could sense that the artist wasn't that good. I did have an inital consultation with the artist but that was more of a casual chat. Again I take some responsibility as I should have chose differently. But it's a very poor result that I paid £2250 for and then a further £700 elsewhere, and 2 different days off work, trying to recover it.



This was taken just after the 3rd session in August 2022. The dark areas are where the pigments were placed but for some reason he left one side of the hairline out. At the time, you just trust their explanation.
You can see the Brandwood logos in the background when you click on the photo, I have another picture of it unblurred by they may come at me for taking photos on their site.

Again, the way the hair line was left was an absolute disgrace. It also meant I had to use the top up session 9 months later, specifically to try and fix it. But how bad can you be to leave it like that in the first place? You had 3 sessions!


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