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Welfare Abroad



Hi All,
I am new to this forum and in the process of booking a hair transplant.
I have been in regular contact with Welfare Abroad and exchanged images of my hair line and asked numerous questions.
I've only recently come across this forum and I am unable to find out any reviews regarding them on here, the only post I can find is of the Doctor who is Selahattin ztulunay who previously worked at Universal Group and this was a post back in 2012.
I am eager to go ahead with this but just wondering if anyone had any reviews or suggestions, I was hoping to get this done in October this year but now I've come across so many other clinics and I am worried about what I should do, go ahead with these or look around



Valued member
I have never heard of them and would advise you to only go to a clinic who has good case reviews and happy patients. I think you need to do more research!
Pete from Farjo

Pete from Farjo

Valued member
Choosing the right clinic isn't a decision you should rush in to. It's clear from your post that you've really not done much research into this. You've not even seen any of this clinic's work yet you're planning on booking with them?

I don't mean to appear harsh, but please, slow down, take your time and do lots of research. You'll find that the reputable clinics post results regularly across the forums. A hair transplant is a big decision, and one you must take lots of time with.

All the best with it


Thanks for the feedback.
I've looked at the work from this clinic and also spoke to 2 previous patients over the phone.
It's only after finding this forum that I've realised that there is loads of clinics in Turkey.
The blog above was from a patient that I've followed the progress of on YouTube



It seems to be a promo blog as he has not posted since. Nothing from him anywhere since the initial procedure apart from done via welfare abroad.