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Westminster Medical Group - Hair Transplant Repair - 3247 Grafts

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Westminster Medical Group

Westminster Medical Group

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Hi all,

This gentleman came in to repair an old FUT hair transplant he had 10 years ago at another clinic. The Westminster Medical Group team repaired him with 3247 grafts via FUE and then utilised SMP treatment at 8 months post op to further enhance the look of density.

Patient 51 years old
Total grafts 3247
Total hairs 5019
3 sessions SMP (3 hours each session)

Here's his 12 month review photos:

WMG Repair case.jpg

Pre op & post op photos:

FUE Repair Post.jpg

SMP treatment at 8 months post op:

FUE & SMP Repair .jpg

Final result 12 months post op:

WMG Repair .jpg
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The combination of the pigmentation and FUE have worked well together here.


How long after his transplant before he opted to have the SMP and was it something suggested by yourselves at his initial consultation?


4 awesome repairs with SMG
I agree BM this does look good.....really helps with the hair to scalp contrast issues that some people struggle with when density isn’t great following a HT (not saying the HT lacks density or anything as it’s a good result, just a general comment)

Thanks for sharing
Westminster Medical Group

Westminster Medical Group

Valued member
Thank you gents for the comments.

@Viking - this gentlemen had full SMP density treatment at 6 months post op as his new transplanted hair was growing. This was suggested to him in the initial consultation. FUE and SMP combination treatments work very well and we're beginning to perform a lot more of them.