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Westminster Medical Group London - 1641 Grafts - 12 Month Result

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Westminster Medical Group

Westminster Medical Group

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Hi all,

This lady experienced traction hair loss after years of braiding her hair. She underwent an FUT procedure with the Westminster Medical Group team in London to restore a more feminine oval hairline.

Patient 29 years old
Traction Alopecia
Total grafts 1641
Total hairs 2513

Here's her 12 month review photos:

WMG FUT Traction Case.jpg

WMG Traction Case.jpg
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That's a good result, hopefully she has learned a valuable lesson and doesn't braid no more.


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That is a brilliant result and I have seen sometimes teenagers with their hair braided like this and the damage it can cause later


If Lewis Hamilton has really had a hair transplant then he should stop braiding his hair !

Lewis Hamilton.jpg
Westminster Medical Group

Westminster Medical Group

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Thanks for the replies all. We always advise not to add further tension post procedure through braiding etc. Tension over time is very damaging!