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Westminster Medical Group London - 2432 Grafts - 16 Month Result

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Westminster Medical Group

Westminster Medical Group

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Hi all,

This gentleman underwent an FUE hair transplant procedure with Dr. Sebastian Deme and the Westminster Medical Group team on Harley Street, London.

Patient 32 years old
FUE 2432 FU
Total hairs 3971

Here's his 16 month review photos:



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Colossal improvement, bet his confidence has sky rocketed following this. Viewed some of Dr Rogers work on the message boards but never the other two surgeons, could you share any info on their background and experience please?
Westminster Medical Group

Westminster Medical Group

Valued member
Thanks baldasabadger - he's a very happy patient indeed!

Dr. Sebastian Deme & Dr. Edward Miln have worked with Dr. Rogers for a number of years, performing both FUE & FUT hair transplant surgery, including beard and eyebrow restorative procedures.

Dr. Sebastian Deme is registered with the GMC, ISHRS and is on the speciality register for plastic surgery in the UK. He has also featured on Channel 4's Body-shockers in the past performing an FUT traction Alopecia case and an FUE bead restorative procedure for a personal trainer.

Dr. Edward Miln is registered with the GMC, BAHRS, World FUE Institute and has attended the Hollywood, Prague and Bangkok ISHRS annual meetings. Dr. Edward Miln recently presented a rather unique beard transplant case into a birthmark at the last ISHRS conference in Thailand.

We'll make a separate thread about the port wine stain birthmark soon, but here's the before and immediate post op picture. We're very much looking forward to final result this summer, as is the patient who has lived with the birthmark for the last 40+ years!

Dr. Miln Port Wine Stain.jpg