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What are the different types of human hair weave?

Hair Julia

Hair Julia

There are many different types of hair weaves in the hair market, let us talk about the difference:

Brazilian hair

Brazilian virgin hair is the most popular hair in the world, the texture is denser and harder. The color is black and dark brown. If you want thick and elastic hair, the choice of

Brazilian hair is very the best. This is why many African American women choose this hair. It also

has a variety of styles and is very flexible. There are different grades for hair such as 7A, 8A, and 10A, which can offer the chance for different people.

Malaysian hair

Malaysian hair has a complete cuticle, which won't be damaged by any chemicals. Its texture is smooth, straight, and very shiny. It's a good quality hair. At the time of drying will have a slightly wavy. If you like sexy and straight

hair, this Eye-catching hair is perfect. The hair is wavy, slightly curved. The hair is heavier, thicker and denser than Indian hair. If you like natural waves or curly hair, you can choose this one. The only drawback is that it's

darker, but you can solve the problem by yourself.

Peruvian hair

Peruvian hair is thicker than Brazilian hair. Its natural state is straight, wavy and curly. But then it will get curly after the wash.what's more, it has two colors-dark or light brown (Sometimes they are blond.) If you like thick hair,

Peruvian hair will be your smart choice. It has the smooth of European hair and the texture of Brazilian hair. So I think it 's relatively perfect for other hairs. The features of this hair are thick.

Indian hair

Indian hair's quality is amazing. Many Indian women have long and straight hair, and few have short hair. But whatever short or long, straight or curly, their hair always has bright and pure color and is all shiny. Indian women never use

chemical shampoo to wash their hair, use a hairdryer and dye their hair, they care for their hair with nutritious and moisturizing coconut oil. So their hair is good, called virgin hair. Virgin hair' Cuticle is integral, all hairs run in the same direction, which is the best material to manufacture wigs. Since it is never manipulated, you can choose any styles and color for what you want.

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