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What Are the Steps of FUE Hair Transplantation?



What happens on a FUE hair transplant operation day?
Planning for a hair transplant

After the photographs are taken, a last discussion is made with the plastic medical procedure authority who will play out the task, and past discussions are checked on and the hair transplant activity is arranged.
  • Arranging before the hair transplant activity
  • Arranging the hairline
  • Venturing out: Is it conceivable to address an incorrectly made hairline?
  • Hair style
  • Nearby anesthesia
  • Is hair transplantation an agonizing technique?
  • The extraction and gathering of hair follicles (follicular unit, join)
  • Making the trenches for embeddings the hair follicles (Graft) amid the hair transplantation
Implantation of hair follicles

This involves the implantation of the hair follicles separately removed by the FUE strategy into the hair waterways arranged. In this last period of hair transplant, the hair follicles are embedded at the proper profundity with the fitting edge without giving any damage to them. This method requires tolerance and alert. The hair follicles ought to exclusively be embedded into each and every waterway without skirting any of them.