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What counts as exercise?



I’ve seen you’re not allowed to have sex after a hair transplant. Or even pleasure yourself. If you may have for whatever reason not realised this how will you know if you have damaged it or not. I realised after about a couple of minutes and stopped. Is there any way to check or do I just have to wait.


Staff member
The reason some doctors will ask you to refrain from certain activities is the risk factor of damaging the grafts before they are firmly in place at around 4 days. Banging your head, something rubbing against it can dislodge grafts. If you have a FUT closure, lifting heavy items or putting any type of strain on the closure has the potential to make it stretch or open up. You also want the blood and Oxygen supply going to the grafts, not diverted elsewhere.


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I echo what Bigmac has said... just be careful dude. What surgery did you have?