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What is your shampoo of choice?



Hi all,

New to this group, but it really seems balanced and supportive, which is great!

I just wondered what shampoo people choose? I know nothing is going to stop hairloss or grow anything back (I will be starting fin as well) but as I need to use shampoo anyway I may as well choose something that possibly does a few things.

I used to use American Crew, but the formula seems to have changed and it seems to now make my hair flatter rather than volumuous.

Primarily looking for something that adds volume and gives the appearance of thicker hair and wondering whether there is anything in pura, Waterman's, regen etc over and above a standard Loreal (or whatever) standard shampoo.

I've also read about Nixarol and how ppl use it a few times a week. I don't have any dandruff, itchiness etc so wondering if there is value in using it?

Thanks in advance


Staff member
I find the Pura d`or range is very good. They have different ones for all types of hair. I use the Gold which eliminates dryness/dandruff and leaves my hair feeling healthy.
Finasteride, Minoxidil or Dutasteride are the options at preventing or maintaining hair loss.
Nanogen had a good thickening shampoo too.


I use Waterman’s and I’d recommend it. It doesn’t have laurel sulfate and thickens your hair. Like a lot of shampoos like it with a lot of ingredients it does dry your hair out so you need conditioner. Nanogen probably thickens more but absolutely fries your hair dry.


Thanks for the suggestions, a couple for me to try there!


The shampoo is also needs compatibility with your hair to affect nicely to take care of hair and growth..