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What kind of doctor should I go visit for hair loss? (I'm in Bangalore)



I've been looking online for where to go for hair loss treatments in Bangalore and I'm at a loss. The only websites of Bangalore doctors I can find are the hair transplant ones. It seems they also prescribe hair loss drugs. But they have awfully bad copy on their sites. Besides, I am wary of going to get hair loss treatments from those who specialise in hair transplants.

What I want is a doctor who prescribes finasteride and minoxidil, who also gives dietary recommendations and hair care recommendations, someone who also asks about hair fall history, analyses my hair and tries to figure out what's wrong.
I mention propecia and minoxidil because I don't want to end up with a doctor who prescribes homeopathic medication or something like that..

What do I have to do for this? Do I just pick a major hospital and go ask for the dermatologist there?


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hi welcome to the forum, i appreciate you dont want to go to a hair transplant doctor but can i ask why? i only ask because this is their specialised field, i understand you may be concerned about being pushed into surgery... but theres no harm in consulting and speaking with one of these doctors is there?, as you could get the hairloss medications from them and not have the transplants if you dont wish to have one.

Stand firm and dont let yourself be pushed into anything you dont want my friend a good reputable surgeon will not push you into any type of surgery if you dont want it. I would try this guy as hes local http://www.bangalorehairtransplant.com/ourmethods.htm

it says on his site hes also a dermatologist so thats a good start heres his dermatologist skin website http://www.bangaloreskin.com/ and from what i gather they do hairloss drugs too like minox and finasteride

anyone else here heard of Dr Venkaterem mysore?

alternatively you could try speaking with V who comes on here and maybe set up an online consult and see if he can arrange these drugs for you as hes in india although hes a long distance away from bangalore maybe he could arrange to mail i dont know but his website is http://www.fusehair.com

sorry i couldnt help more its tricky as there arent many doctors in india mentioned on the forums

good luck pal:)
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I agree with Bullit that it certainly can't hurt to consult with a HT physician but I would definitely also see a dermatologist.



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Any luck chetan as the forum has lots of visitors from India who may benefit from your findings.

Thanks bm.