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what kind of food is good for hair

Pay attention to proper diet and nutrition. Often eat foods rich in protein and vitamins A and B, such as walnuts, sesame seeds, Chinese dates, carrots, green peppers, spinach, leek, rape and so on. Eat more fruits, such as oranges, persimmons, apricots and so on. Animal liver, egg yolk, fish, etc. Kelp, seaweed and other iodine rich foods.Eat less sugar and fatty foods. Often clean hair, reduce air pollution on hair damage, do not alkaline too strong shampoo, wash after using the appropriate conditioner.However, the ground perm, a maximum of 2 times a year, when the hair condition is poor, can not perm, hair dye. As far as possible do not use electric hair dryer hair, if you use, the hair temperature should be as low as possible, blowing time as short as possible.Every 2 months pruning 1 day split ends hair, comb hair tidy, make fat evenly distributed throughout the root hair.Don't use plastic comb, comb or bone comb. Pay attention to sun in summer, prevent UV damage to the hair. Get plenty of sleep and keep on taking part in physical exercise.


Your hair is made up of protein, therefore it is important to ensure that you have enough protein in your diet. Protein is the building block of hair and eggs are one of the richest natural sources of protein. However, eating too many eggs can increase your cholesterol levels. Hence if you aim to eat a number of eggs then eat only the egg whites which are the main source of protein an avoid the yolk. Iron is another essential mineral which our hair cells require. In fact, a deficiency in iron in our body can cause hair loss. When your body is running low on iron, oxygen, and nutrients are not getting transported to the hair roots and follicles adequately which can inhibit growth and make your strands weak. So, you need to include food in your diet which is rich in iron. Our body also requires Vitamin C for iron absorption, therefore; you need to add citrus fruits to your diet. Nutritionists recommend that one lime per day is enough to get your daily dose of Vitamin C. Just make yourself a chilled glass of Lemon water (with honey or a healthy alternative to refined sugar) and you €™re sorted. You could also opt for oranges. Vitamin C is also required for the production of collagen that makes capillaries that connect to the hair shafts strong thus, ensuring regular supply of nutrients and quick hair growth. Apart from Vitamin C you also need have a balance of other times of vitamins too. In this day and age, we are all too busy to include all the different types of vitamins in our daily diet. Under such circumstances, it is not a bad idea to include some multivitamins in our diets. However, on should only add them to the diet after consulting the doctor. The other things which we all should make an effort to include in our diets for healthy and strong hair are nuts and seeds as they are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.
Omega-3 fatty acids nourish the hair and support thickening. Since your body cannot produce these healthy fats, you need to derive them from your diet. Almonds and walnuts are really high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Similarly, flaxseeds can serve as mid-meal healthy snack while also supplying the essential fats to your hair.


In today €™s era loss of hairs is a common problem affecting men and women. If your progressive hair loss is taken care then a proper diet follow likes Dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, eggs, fish like mackerel and salmon, whole grains, carrots, kidney beans and the like are rich in protein. Protein helps strengthen hair follicles.


Here I am providing the list that you can eat on daily basis to have healthy hair growth:

Eggs Provide Protein
Spinach and Other Dark Leafy Greens Provide Iron
Citrus Fruits to Get Your Dose of Vitamin C
Nuts and Seeds of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Whole Grains to Obtain Biotin
Carrots are Rich in Vitamin A
Avocado Offers Vitamin E


Hair loss problem become a really serious issues these days. To Prevent the hair loss problems take a balanced healthy and nutritional diets. Eat the Fruits,green vegetables, nuts, eggs, fish and the like are rich in protein. Taking proper care of hair by regular washing of hair with shampoo and Massaging hair with oil also help to make hair stronger.


The natural foods always very good and beneficial for the human hair such those which have an excess of proteins are very goods for hair such eggs, nuts, almonds, whole grains, carrots etc