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What kind of plan would you use?



Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
Patient, 52 years old.
Diffuse thinning top and frontal, advanced baldness in the crown area.

Limited donor area, estimated about 2000-2500 grafts total.

It would be interesting to hear how different people here give their view on how to treat this patient (if at all).

Picture are of the same patient, taken of different consultation days. He coloured his hair dark, which he has now give up and turned grey isch.




My view/opinion would be to create a hairline to add some better framing to the facial features, then I would decrease the density going into the mid section and give the crown a light dusting of grafts to finish. For me the most important thing is the hairline because that's what others see when they look at you.


Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
The total area, excluding the crown area is 148 cm. The average density in that area is 29 grafts, but generally weakened hair, thin.

The crown area is 87 cm, but the inner bald circle is about 48 cm3.

His primary goal is to fill the crown, this is what bothers him most.
A secondary target would be to enhance the frontal top area.

For the crown area alone, we would need about 2600 grafts, after which his donor area would not produce much more without creating a thin-looking donor (what he does not want).


Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
Our treatment plan revealed:

This is how we planned for his treatment.
Obviously there may be different opinions, however, we believe that the patient was treated in a way that was in his best interest.

Since he was suffering from diffuse hair loss and his hairs were in quite a bad shape.
Dr. Anthone/Prohairclinic, specialized in regenerative hair treatments, suggested performing our PRP-PRF hair boost program PRIOR to his transplantation.

Arguments :
1.existing weaker hair should be strengthened BEFORE a transplant in order to withstand shock loss
2. If the weakened hairs would gain strength and thickness, fewer transplants would be needed.

Subsequently, he had 3 PRP-PRF treatment during the summer months of 2019.
Furthermore, he also started using our prescription based lotion on a daily basis.
This patient was very dedicated and basically stuck to his treatment plan ever since.

He returned for a new evaluation end of May 2020.

12 months later:

The frontal area has seen a major improvement, he is happy with the current improved situation and desires no extra transplants.

The crown area has improved immensely, to the point where we need only about 1600 grafts to add hairs to the mid part. His procedure is planned for the end of June 2020.

With a limited amount of donor reserves and a very good preparation plan, only relatively small hair transplantation will be required.
12 maanden resultaat prp prf lotion finasteride minoxidil.jpg
michel m kruin prp12 maanden - kopie.jpg


Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
Here is a small update, we treated the patient with just 1600 grafts in the crown area a couple of days ago.

When looking at his initial balding compared to the result of his PRP treatments, we believe that our plan was very good as we only needed to use a limited number of grafts.