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What Need To Do When Not Wearing Wig?

Hair Julia

Hair Julia

When not wearing your wig, Julia hair mall shares with you some tips in this article.

1. Always store it on a mannequin or foam head to help keep its optimal shape and style.

2.Store your wig in an area that is not in direct sunlight to prevent the color from fading


3. Wigs should be washed approximately every 3-4 weeks if worn daily.

4. Your human hair wig should always be washed by an experienced stylist who is familiar with the

techniques for washing premium wigs.

5. Only professional-grade products should be used when caring for your Milano wig.

6. Products for each wig should be specific to the nature of its hair.

7. It is recommended to use sulfate free styling products if your wig has been processed or color


8. Brush your wig regularly, especially by the nape area, to prevent tangling. Brush from the ends

of the virgin hair such as Peruvian loose wave virgin hair and work your way up. This technique

minimizes hair loss.

9. If the wig tears or is damaged it should be looked at by a professional wig repairer right away

to determine the scope of the repair and the urgency to make sure no further damage will be

caused to the wig.

All human hair full lace wigs are crafted with the highest quality hair and should be treated

delicately. If applying heat to the hair, use a heat protectant product to prevent the hair from

heat damage.

if you want to learn more information about how to take care of hair weaves, please visit Julia

hair website: www. juliahair. com