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What to expect on the day of a hair transplant surgery



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What to expect on the day of hair transplant surgery



On your surgery day you have to stay in clinic for 7 to 8 hours. Because hair transplant surgery is done within a day and you can go back to your home after the surgery. before starting hair transplant processor local anaesthetise is given to you for a pain free surgical operation. You will receive a lunch in afternoon. After completion of surgery you can leave the clinic. But driving is prohibited because of anaesthesia injection. So it is recommended you to come to the clinic with your known person or with a family member.


On the very first day. The patient will undergo all required tests and after all successful procedure of tests the surgery is done. It will take a complete day for the case. After that the surgeon will tell you many precautions which are necessary to be taken by the patient after the surgery.


Hair transplant is a surgical process so you should follow some instruction before going for a hair transplant clinic like avoid alcohol and smoking for 3 days before the process. Avoid the medications like beta-blockers and blood thinner. You may also need to take some medication before some hour.


I will be honest, it will be a difficult day. The best thing you can do before the surgery is to relax and prepare physically. You won't feel pain, but the surgery will take all day long and you might feel tired after a while, so being positive is a huge help. Try to visualize the good days ahead of you and be strong!!