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Whats happening with Slaven Bilics hair



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I remember seeing him as a pundit a few years back shortly after he had undergone an FUE wamdering what it would look like grown in but after seeing him on TV yesterday following the Man Utd game his hair looks very thin....hes either lost a lot more or his HT hasn't grown too well....
Anyone else see him yesterday?


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I think it's a combination of both. Probably got it done without any research as well.


I suspect he has not taken any meds since getting his HT and has continued to lose hair on his mid scalp and crown. The front of his hairline is more dense than behind it. This is what a couple of clinics warned me what would happen if I proceeded with a HT but didn't supplement with Finasteride.

I was in Istanbul a few weeks ago and saw quite a few older guys (in their 50's) with front to back combovers which suggests they had a HT several years ago but didn't bother taking or keeping up the meds. I have a feeling we will see many guys with this look in the next few years.


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Judging by his generic low and very straight hairline despite his extensive Norwood loss and age, and the fact that he used to manage in Turkey, I think it is pretty clear where had his procedure. The thickness of his hair almost changed from week to week for a while, so I imagine that he had some assistance from fibres whilst awaiting growth, that never really filled in.