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What's the difference between cheap hair weave and expensive weave hair?

Hair Julia

Hair Julia

Generally speaking, the price is not the basis for measuring the quality of hair.
If it is 100% human hair, the difference is not great. There are many external factors, such as price and labor costs.
One of the most important factors is the value of the brand. When a brand is known to everyone, having a certain degree of brand loyalty, you should understand that a large part of the money you pay is the value of its brand, not the value of the product itself.
In fact, the difference between the two is brought by the development of the brand many times, not the quality of the product itself. Because the production process is the main cost for 100% human hair, but the price has a wide difference.
So you can imagine if the brand is a developing new one, then it will certainly develop their products wholeheartedly for the recognition of consumers. then the quality will certainly be checked at every level. However, because they do not have a brand foundation, the price will certainly be much more affordable than the old brands.
So it is unprofessional and unscientific to judge the quality of a product by price.
If you find quality hair, cheap hair can also last a long time, 1 year.

First, you need to confirm you buy 100% human hair, do not mix synthetic hair or fiber, or it will tangle and shed soon.

Second making sure the hair cuticles of hair extensions you buy runs in the same direction, this is very important, this avoids tangling problems, the hair can last a long time.

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