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When in Belgium...

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MyWHTC - Brussels Belgium Hair Clinic

MyWHTC - Brussels Belgium Hair Clinic

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Brief info: Population: 11 mln
Capital city: Brussels (1.8mln population)
Largest cities: Antwerp (0.5mln),Ghent (0.3mln),Charleroi (0.2mln)
Resorts: Blankenberge (with wonderful architecture), Koksijde (seaside resort with a calm atmosphere), Knokke-Heist(Closest to the Dutch border and the most fashionable in the country)
Airports: Brussels(BRU),Charleroi(CRL),Antwerp(ANR)
Member of: European Union, NATO
Ethnic: 92%Belgian citizenship
Religion: 47% Roman Catholic
Calling code: 32
Currency: Euro(EUR)
Sightseeings: Brussels Architecture masterpieces, Atomium monument for 1959 Brussels World Fare, Canal tour at Brugge, 67km long sea cost with a wonderful view and a lot of entertainment

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