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Which is a better option – Wigs or Hair Systems


Scarce hair or baldness in men and its effect on self-esteem or confidence, how one reacts to the same, is a much-discussed subject. When a man starts losing hair, he faces a variety of questions, is barged with recommendations, remedies, suggestions on doctors and more. This can be very annoying and rather depressing, leading to a hasty hunt for solutions. Wigs and other non-invasive solutions are typically the first options considered.

Though today we look at wigs or non-surgical hair systems as one of the modern solutions for baldness, the history of wigs goes way back.

Men have been using different types of wigs or hair extensions to either hide or cover their baldness and also to establish their designation in society since long. Fashion wigs were also a part of routine life style. The undying desire to look and feel good has been fueling the hair extensions industry and pushing it to continuously evolve in terms of the solutions on offer. Gone are the days of tacky unnatural looking wigs that often get compared to having a bird’s nest over the head! Hair systems are the order of the day. While many use the words wigs and hair systems interchangeably, there is a vast difference between them. Let us try and understand this…


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Why would you say that, what are your reasons?
Wigs will give you better density but i would be terrified of it coming off or worse still revealing my bald head to a women when intimateo_O. Systems or whatever they are called are expensive with their upkeep so not for me, i would prefer to have a transplant given the option.
Pete from Farjo

Pete from Farjo

Valued member
Years ago in desperation I tried a hair system. I've got to say that it looked amazing - friends and family were astonished when I told them it was a wig (I still had the look of a full head of hair using concealers and they just assumed I'd had a new haircut). I went on days and nights out and no one noticed a thing or gave me any strange looks at all.

BUT. I just found the de/reattachment every week or so such a chore and I never seemed to get it quite right, also the psychological side of it - there's still such a stigma sadly about wearing a wig although I feel that's perhaps improving slightly. The fear of being 'found out' though was very real and probably made me more stressed than using concealers. Also there's the cost. Even going down the DIY route when you factor in a minimum of two to three systems a year plus products you're probably looking at seven to eight hundred pounds a year.

I think if you've got the right mentality and can just 'own it' without embarrassment then it's a definite option, and will of course give you the full head of hair that few can get from a transplant, but having experience of both I prefer having my own natural (albeit less dense) growing hair.


A wig would be my preferred choice between a wig and a system, all the glue can't do the skin any good surely?