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Why doesn't Finasteride work for me?



So years ago i tried to use finasteride. and suddenly i gained what i had never experienced before, the male pattern baldness itch. my receding spot was so itchy and in days i felt like things had receded fairly quickly. i checked for hairfall and found none. But then i never had alot of hairfall, it was always just receding. So i was convinced to upgrade to dutasteride or whatever its called. and same thing happened. infact when i stopped using it the itch did not go away and im still occationally suffering from it. So my hopes were dashed and i have no idea as to why this happened.

And yes i tried minoxidil and it also gives me an itchy and quickly receding scalp too. Its just not fair.

The only thing that slows down the receding abit is nioxin 2 shampoo and i don't know why. its a very thickening and scalp drying shampoo which dries out my skin quite abit.

I just wish i understood it., I have the type of hair that looks thicker and darker when my testosterone is high and very thin and light when my testosterone is low :(
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