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Wigs for Chemotherapy Patients

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Hi All,

We, at Savvy Wigs, specially design wigs for cancer patients with hair loss and women suffering from other forms of medical hair loss. Medical hair loss can be a very traumatic time for any women. At Savvy Wigs, we are here to help all men/women cancer patients find a hair loss problem that have no less good appearance than natural hair. We are determined to meet the individual needs of men/women experiencing any type of medical hair loss.

When you suffer a huge hair loss after a possible Chemotherapy, we have the best hair product to suit and maintain back you €™re your personality with our special wigs in the most natural form. These Wigs, especially for Cancer Patients who bear the maximum loss of hair while their therapy treatments during radiations.

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I have worked on several cases where the patient had radiation treatment to the brain which caused permanent loss. And what really is horrible is the loss is usually a large spot somewhere on the head.[):h::