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Will Transplant prices go up/down/stay the same, after Corona crisis?



In the UK, after the clinics are allowed to open again, do you think the prices of tranplants will change?
A friend of mine is insisting they will go up :mad: i don't understand why though - I would have thought if anything they would go down after the economy crashed due to the fact a hell of alot of people will no longer be able to afford it,I imagine alot will have to cancel their surgeries aswell!


Staff member
I don`t think prices will rise. You may get the cheapo clinics offering deals and selling them on Wowcher.


Yes I think the prices will definitely get higher as most of the clinics were closed due to the Covid...


I would imagine that good clinics don't really compete on price - you are paying for the skill and track record of established professionals.

When I did my research I focused on quality first then assessed if I could afford it based on their quotes. If that was more than I could afford then I wouldn't have had it done somewhere cheaper if I was concerned about their quality. It's such a big decision and with any medical procedure there are no guarantees of success so I wouldn't have felt comfortable going for the cheapest option (unless I thought the quality was there).

It sounds from media stories that hair transplants have had a bit of a boom on the back of lockdown which I imagine will keep prices strong on established clinics but does open the market to newer entrants who may have to price lower to tempt people as they look to establish themselves.