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Experience at Maitland Clinic




I wanted to briefly write about my experience at the Maitland Clinic with Dr Ball and Mr Anderson down in Portsmouth.

I have been to several well known clinics in and around London to ensure that I have done the appropriate due diligence. Maitland was by far the most thorough, was the only clinic to actually bother looking at my hair through microscope, explaining to me the analysis they were doing. as well as asking deeper questions about my medications I have been using and how this can be adapted.

They were also the only clinic who were honest about what can be achieved and not being overambitious with the first transplant, given that I'll likely have to return in the future.

Would thoroughly recommend having a consult at least with Maitland before you go with anyone in the UK.

Good luck to everyone!
The Maitland Clinic

The Maitland Clinic

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Many thanks for your kind words and leaving a review here. We wish all our patients the best possible outcome and not everyone is a good surgical candidate for a hair transplant. This is why we use high magnification when assessing patients donor hair and scalp during the consultation process.

Thanks again.



I have heard nothing but good things about this clinic. Would definitely recommend to anybody wanting a hair transplant in the UK.


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Are you planning to go ahead with a HT? What is your hair loss situation?


I am not surprised you had a good experience with this clinic