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FUE with Doctor Ozlem Bicer (Istanbul)



Great result mate, glad it’s going well. At what stage did you start using minoxidil ? Are you using finasteride too ? Cheers
I have been using both minoxidil foam and finasteride for many years. I stopped using finasteride about 15 months before my most recent procedure. I wanted to see if just the minoxidil foam would maintain my hair. It did for a while but after about 12 months I was noticeably losing hair again.
I decided to get back on finasteride about 3 months before travelling to Turkey. I stopped minoxidil the day of my procedure and then restarted about 4 weeks after.


Just wondered if you knew mate...if 0.5G fin per day would be as good as 1mg per day? Do ppl still have great results with less dosage??


Just wondered if you knew mate...if 0.5G fin per day would be as good as 1mg per day? Do ppl still have great results with less dosage??
I take 1mg every other day and it seems to be working fine for me. I was taking 1mg a day for many many years but the side effects got to much so I lowered my dose.
I’d say 0.5 a day is perfectly ok, I tried that many years ago and it worked just fine but I got fed up cutting the pills up.
You need to figure out what works for you , pick a dose and give it some time to assess if you get any side effects and if you think its actually helping your hair loss .


A quick 4 month recovery update (Ozlem Bicer).
Things are really starting to look good now. Really happy so far and excited to see how things will progress over the next 4-6 months.
My hair is styled in the picture using minoxidil mouse and hair spray , no fibres.
Quick update , Almost 5 months have passed. Fresh out the barber shop.
Thank you Doctor Bicer


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Hi, you’ve had a great result. I note that you mention you paid 1.3 euros per graft was this agreed in the consultation as on their website they quote 1.5 per graft?

Also, were you able to pay in Pounds or did you convert currency to pay in Euros?


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Looking very good for 5 months. The haircut certainly makes it look nice and neat.