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Has my Hair Transplant Failed at 7 months?



Hi guys... 11 days ago was my first year anniversary and I, as I promised, I'm posting my evolution here. I'm posting 3 different kinds of photos: the hairline exposed, with my hair combed in the other direction; my hairline with my hair tied back; my hairline with my hair tied back and wet, just out of the shower.
Could I be happier? Yes, because especially on the left side the hair is not think as I desired BUT, all that said, I have to affirm that this is probably one of the "best spent money" in my life, which has usually changed since: this was the first summer in probably 25 years in which I didn't have to worry about my forehead being too exposed coming out of sea, about the wind, about my hair going wild...even though it's not particularly thick, my hairline looks like any other woman's, or so it seems to me, and I think it will get better when my new hair grows and is as long as the rest. If I style it for a special occasion, I usually apply some coloured hairspray (the one people use to cover their regrowth ) and it makes it look perfect (to me),although it's not really necessary, but just a retouch that gives me more confidence.
The communication with the clinic was not the best and there are some aspects that I think are really wanting; for example they never showed my follicles and their number before implanting them, and the "expected result " was traced on my forehead with a marker :D
But it was the cheapest I could find in Spain where I'm currently living (it cost me € 2750 for 2000 follicles, it was a "special offer", and maybe 30 more for the products ) and it saved me a trip to Turkey, which I want to visit one day but only for the sightseeing!
All in all, I'm ecstatic about having undergone this procedure which was virtually painless, kind of affordable and has improved the quality of my life A LOT. I religiously followed the indication in the first month, and then it got much easier.
Thank you for all the help you gave me in this forum, it was incredibly valuable!




Dear Masha,
Sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the results and your experience. If you do not want to try Minoxidil, I would suggest you Biotin. Vitamins are good for hair and body in general.
Keep us posted please ...
good luck
Hi Sammmuel, I 'm taking some vitamins, thanks! And I've posted my evolution, I'm not so unhappy about it anymore! Thanks!


Valued member
Hi Friend

I just had to reply when I seen your last update , you have come along way and I am wrapped that your life has improved because you took the step , have checked back your evolution and you can see clearly the difference also what I like about is that you always have the choice to go back and get a bit more work done if you wish , thank you for sharing with us


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Hi Masha.
Thanks for coming back with an update. I`m pleased you found the forum helpful as well.
Your hair has definitely improved and looks much better. The left side is weaker, it could still get more growth as newly transplanted grafts can continue to mature right up to 18 months. If it still bothered you at all a small touch up would suffice.
Anyhow, what's important is that you are generally happy with the outcome and that it`s improved your quality of life which is what we all aim for.
Enjoy your new hair and stay safe.
All the best.