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How much donor does the average joe have



Hi LY & NN,

I cannot remember his exact age but I think he was mid 30's, I will check, so the potential to progress is very high (unfortunately). To be honest a patient like this is a "god send" for a doc, assuming the doc is not alpha male orientated. The patient already came wanting a conservative approach, knew his situation and was looking at the future so much of the education is done, especially with FUE when people think it's the panacea of HT and anything can be cured with it. With a well thought out strategy guys of a higher NW can still have FUE certainly once and maybe a decent size the 2nd donor allowing and maybe the coverage achieved will be enough long term for them.

I found this picture of the case at 3 months post op so it shows off the design a little better with the hair shorter.


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hi all,

i was sorry to see PB forum finish, but it looks like BM forum is gonna take up the torch ¬b` BM


Lost youth ,

you could have been describing my thoughts, what you are planning is my plan exactly 2000 FUE then make a decision whether to do strip to max ,then finish with the remaining FUE, or alternatively max out on FUE for a "more is less approach".

I should describe my situation i'm 37 and diffuse in what seems to be NW5 hopefully,

i 've been buzzing my hair for about 5 years now so would like to add density using FUE then maybe i would consider a strip in the future.

got to say i consider DR Bisanga's FUE results the best i've seen amazing results

regards SP



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Quote by SP

hi all,

i was sorry to see PB forum finish, but it looks like BM forum is gonna take up the torch ¬b` BM

Thanks Solar Panel

Good to see you on here.



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Would you say that a person in their mid 50's who has experienced progressive hair loss of over 20 years maybe to NW3 or NW4 and is on propecia (and stabilized) is unlikely to experience significant additional hair loss--and thus is safe to start using the 6,000 to 8,000 donor hairs? I am not sure this makes sense---but since there is a limited supply you don't want to waste them but seems like it makes sense to use them now rather than lose the opportunity.....

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hi MV,

from my research if you,ve been balding for 20 years and are only NW3-4 and mid 50,s using the meds you would make the perfect candidate for a HT, also in case you don't know most HT Docs recommend 1000FU per NW scale Ie.. nw 3-4 would equate to 3-4k FU,hope that helps