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The Hair Dr with Dr Arshad and his team - 2100 grafts



Hi Alex,

Yea I haven’t had any redness since week 2/3 really. Very happy so far, can’t wait to finally get my hair longer ;)


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Looking good!!! You are about 2 weeks ahead of me with you HT


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No sign of surgery now which is nice and new growth beginning to sprout.
As for the 3 haired graft, it will most probably have been a stalled graft/hairs. This is when the hair shaft has detached from the bulb, the hair shaft should fall out when shedding but it`s wedged in. They eventually fall out or can be easily pulled out with tweezers.


Out of curiosity.
Why have people opted for this surgeon over the ones in Belgium, Turkey etc who have more years experience, good reputations and similar price?

Is it because of the close location? I cannot find many examples of his work.


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I choose The Hair Dr because of location, the consultation I had with the dr was very good and informative. I also looked at peoples experience with him on here and the fact that he is a registered NHS plastic surgeon helped me with my decision


Hey guys, long time no speak lol. A lot has happened since I last updated the forum, I’ve been plodding along with life in the middle of a pandemic, so I’d thought I’d update you all.

Everything has pretty much been plain sailing, my donor area healed very fast and is barely noticeable (I think it helps with my skin tone, I tan extremely quick and it turned the white little marks darker kind of matching my skin tone) and my hair grew very quick.

If you have any questions I’ll be more than happy to answer them for anyone and I’ll just add some photos of the progress.

I’ve done them all in order, some of them have dates at the top so that would be easier to use than explaining my self.

Also like to say thank you to everyone that helped me unknowingly with my transplant :)


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Also couple more. The last couple is pre transplant


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Sorry if you mentioned this but how many months after the HT are these photos?

That hairline is the last photos is so good!!!!!


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Hi Wardy.
The growth has been good for you with your hairline looking full now even though you have months to go before you hit the final result.


Hi Wardy.

I have booked my appointment for April at The Hair Dr (2000 hairs). I’m 27 and my hair looks very similar to yours (blonder though). Currently having an internal battle with myself around whether it’s the right thing to do. Your progress pictures have definitely eased my worries somewhat! I have very similar thinning up the temples and a slight ‘ring’ forming around the front of my hairline like you had.

Your results look amazing already mate. Do you think you’ll need more treatment in the future? I’m starting on Finasteride but worry I will have the procedure and just need another procedure again for my hair to look uniform.


Hi Peza.

The most important thing I can think of saying to you whether your 50/50 on it is how much other people around you notice and how much it boosts your confidence. A lot of people say hairlines don’t matter and they don’t think any different of you but I can 100% guarantee having a fuller hairline changed people’s perspectives weirdly.

Also it increased my confidence 100 fold, I can’t recommend it enough. I originally started by looking into taking finasteride when I was 24, but all of the scare stories online scared the life out of me and I didn’t take it for a further 2 years, obviously my hair receded and thinned a bit more and it was destroying me emotionally. Then I looked into a hair transplant for 1-2 years and but just like you didn’t know if I wanted to go ahead with it.

Having a transplant has changed my life and I very much doubt you will regret it, it is very daunting but so rewarding. I think as long as I continue my finasteride and it doesn’t stop working, I shouldn’t need another procedure, touch wood, even if that is the case I have decided in my self if finasteride stopped working I would take dutasteride.

As a summary, you won’t regret it, not an ounce of my body has ever regretted this transplant journey.


Thanks for this Wardy. I feel like I’m very much in the same boat you were in before you took the leap. This makes me feel much better so I really appreciate it. It’s nice to know I’m going to the same place too. You can read all the positive reviews but this forum post has been way more worthwhile for me!


No problem Peza. This forum is so valuable, like I say in my original post, you can go on companies websites and see their results section all you like but they’re only ever going to show their best. That’s why I was constantly looking through these websites, it also helped massively that a person I know had a transplant there as well lol.

If you ever need to message me I’m free, just drop me a message. I’m always available :)


Also couple more. The last couple is pre transplant
Hi Wardy, I've been getting nervous about booking in for the same amount of grafts as you. My concerns are that I do cover my temples up and hoping I can do so until it grows in?

How did it look after 2-3 months and when was the new hair grown in enough to look like a full hairline when perhaps cut down to a 2 or a 3 shave?

Also, how did/does the donor area look at 2-3 months and now? I'm worried I won't be able to keep the back of my head as short as I do now for patchiness?

Congratulations on your success.



Hi SPat88, ill try to answer them in order lol

As you can see i just shaved mine off, was one of the most stressful experiences because ive never done that but once it was done it wasnt that bad, but if you was wanting to cover it the temples where the transplant happened it wouldnt be difficult at all, to be honest the graphs fall out between 2-4 weeks (you always think you might be a lucky one for instant regrowth but you never are), so to be honest after 4 weeks you will probably be back to square one with how you used to wear your hair.

After 3 months ill say i got minimal regrowth, about 20% but about months 4-5 is when i got some serious regrowth.

For a full hairline i would say for me was about 5 months, but Hair Dr said my results where very fast, might be noting that not everyone grows the way i did but i could be wrong, id say by month 4-5 you will be amazed.

Donor area was grown over after 1-2 months, you couldnt see it.

I keep my back and sides very short, if you look at my most recent photos i have a high skin fade, so i dont think shortness is an issue at all.

Thanks for the kind words. :)


Brilliant your response is fantastic and very honest which I can appreciate all the more. That's interesting so in order to "cover" I use my hairdryer and straighteners and to be honest I'm worried that I damage the new hair if I continue to use them... is that something I should not be overly concerned with after all? Or I would be fine to continue until (fingers crossed) good growth at around month 5/6?

You must be delighted and it's awesome that you shared such detail!



No problem, I'm happy its helping someone :)

With the hair dryer and straighteners, ill be honest, im not 100% sure how it would effect them, What i would do is contact The Hair Dr and ask them about this, its kind of a similar situation where i play semi professional football so i asked them the time frame for when i can begin heading the ball and exercising extensively, to which they said after 4 weeks, so i assume if you can stomach 4 weeks without blowdrying or straightening your hair then you should be fine.

You are also allowed to wear hats after a week which saved me a lot of embarrassment :D