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Dr. Bruno Ferreira - 3611 grafts - 28th & 29th of January 2020



Hi Rolandas.

I’ve been following your thread for a while and have just signed up for an account here. First of all congrats on your progress - looks like you’re at that stage where you can safely say the transplant has been a success but you can now sit back and watch your hair get thicker and denser. I’m considering going for a transplant with Dr Ferreira too and have received a consultation assessment from him. I was hoping you could help with a few queries....

Would you still go for a transplant with Dr Ferreira with hindsight or would you have gone elsewhere?

I read you were initially considering ASMED which is also one of my top options, what made you decide against ASMED? Some of their results look brilliant

I’m really worried about shock loss. Did you have much experience with shock loss?

Where did you find pictures of Dr Ferreira’s results? I can only find three before and after photos on his website.

Why does popping happen during a transplant?

Thanks for continuing to post your results and analysis. It helps lots more people than you might think including all the hidden lurkers who read but don’t post lol!

happy growing.
Hey man,

I really appreciate your kind words! That's what keeps me motivated to keep doing what I'm doing! I'm actually posting some more content on my YT channel, so feel free to follow me there.

1. Yes, I would and I will go back to Dr. Ferreira for my second HT. Why would I change surgeon if everything went perfectly and I'm happy the way Dr. Ferreira handled his part :D

2. I've been looking at Asmed in the very beginning of my research. Nowadays, Dr. Erdogan scaled up way too much in my opinion where he doesn't have involvement in surgery and does 8 or so patients a day. I've seen recently quite a few bad jobs and to what he always replies the same "I'm the best, come back and we will fix it for another fee" or even threatening with lawsuits if you say something bad. Not a big fan of such behavior. You can get good result, without a doubt, but the risk of bad one is greatly increased.
I would prefer to know who exactly is doing my surgery and who did the other results that we see. It became like any other turkish hair mill, although more expensive.

3. I didn't have shock loss in donor as extractions were spaced out quite a bit. In terms of recipient area, I was 95% bald in there, so very difficult to assess :D In my first assessment Dr. Ferreira said he is very used to diffused hair loss. I guess we will see after my second HT on my mid scalp and crown where I have quite a few hairs :)

4. I've asked him and he presented some more. Although it wasn't a huge deal tbh. I guess the important thing is to know what to look for when looking at before&after's. I remember being very hesitant, not much info online, but I had a strong gut feeling for some reason that he is a real deal. So I called on the The Bald Truth show to ask Joe Tillman and Spencer Kobren if they heard about him (
) I think this was my tipping point because I respect their opinion. So far looks like my gut feeling was good all along :)

5. Popping is directly related to elasticity of the skin during implantation with implanter pens. When the surgeon inserts the grafts, due to skin moving easily it will encourage surrounding one to pop-out. Surgeon would need to stretch the skin, pump more saline in there etc. (You can learn more about it here
My recipient area was very elastic, thus lots of popping (+ i had quite some bleeding for some reason which worsen the whole situation). After me asking Dr. Ferreira why this happen (me being nerd) he explained and said he did "every trick in the book" to control it. Although I was worried that my grafts been manipulated so many times that they won't survive, but looks like most of it if not all grows nicely.

Hope that helps!

Good luck!


Random question where do you buy derrmatch from ?
Mhm.. Can't remember now where I bought it. I think Amazon? :D I think prices are the same either from their official website or amazon.


Thanks for your help man. Much appreciated. I’ll take a look at your YouTube channel and keep an eye out for your further updates as well.


Rolandas, i want to thank you for your help! your journey encouraged me to start Finasteride, i took the first pill today!! Let's see how it goes


Rolandas, i want to thank you for your help! your journey encouraged me to start Finasteride, i took the first pill today!! Let's see how it goes
I certainly understand where you're coming from as I've been there! I'm sure you will think "why I haven't done it sooner".


Month 7
What's up friends! Hope everyone is well.

Apologies for such delay with my 7 month update. I've decided to make this video in a different style as it's a good enough progress to compare! It took me 2 days just to find a suitable song, went through hundreds of songs (maybe 500? Not even kidding!).

In short, I'm absolutely amazed how it turn out in 7 months. Even with wet hair I think it looks amazing comparing to where I started.

Some people still think that I've reached my end result, but if you look closer in the "parting wet hair" part you will see quite a few hairs than just recently sprouted and still growing. Also lots of hair are still very thin, so they should thicken up until 12 month or so. Can't wait!

For those of you who is asking if I'm planning to get a second one - YES. Hopefully some time next year (due to current situation worldwide it completely messed up my timeline and finances.

Fire those questions if you have got any!





7.5 months (32 weeks)
Here we are, another 2 weeks passed and I actually found some not so nice things!
In this video:
- Mini response to last video comments
- Hairline comb through under direct sunlight
- Hairline comb through indoors
- 3 weak spots of my HT
- Double graft in my hairline?!?
- Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioner