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All the best for your surgery tomorrow. Get some good rest tonight.

Thanks SL, thats really nice of you. I will definitely try to, but I feel like a kid at Christmas, too excited for my own good. But rest would definitely be the better shout, thank you


Hey man!
Yeah its going great so far, All the itchiness & pain didn't last too much longer. I'm at the 2 month mark now and gave myself a buzz cut yesterday so hopefully all starts growing together.
Not started shedding yet and hoping it stays like that.

Ahh that's great news mate hope it all goes well for you. What clinic you going to?
Thats proper good news about the itchiness and pain subsiding. Did the itchiness go away itself or was there something that helped? Fingers crossed you get minimal shedding man, you'll need to post some update pics of the new buzz cut!

Thanks mate, with any luck this time tomorrow I'll be posting photos from the op! In the end I went with Dr Manish Mittal to stay in London for it


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Hello all,
Thought i would post a little update now that i'm at month 5, The growth has been ok considering i'm only on month 5 but i'm starting to question the hairline design haha, At first i was happy with it but now that i keep looking at it i feel like its just created another M hairline which makes it look like its receding.

I keep forgetting how bad it was before the transplant so cant really be unhappy with it but already considering a second procedure to fix this :(.

I thought my hair was starting to thicken up but just took some photos with the flash on and its looking quite fine. I really didn't want to go on fin but was considering oral minoxidil but it has dairy in apparently which i'm not allowed as i have a dairy intolerance.

Any other ideas on what to take apart from fin ?


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You've got diffuse thinning on most of your scalp, similar to me. You'll definitely have to get on finasteride or a minimum of Minoxidil and maybe saw palmetto