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First FUE - 5 days post-op Disappointed



You could get SMP done if you want to continue to have short hair. Have you thought about leaving a google review for his clinic? You would at least be helping out people that are thinking of using him in the future.
I left a google review about a month ago but it is no longer there which I find odd.

the concern I have now is that the cost of this repair is now out of my price range and I may be stuck.

My hope was 2000 grafts and just removing some of the bad ones.

Now it’s 3000 or more grafts which I probably don’t have, removing bad angles and multi grafts, hairline raising or laser hair removal, SMP in donor area.

this has been entirely frustrating to me and a decision I wish I never would have made. I’d rather be bald at this point.


Well you could just shave if you would rather be bald, but as for getting more grafts you should wait till month 12 and determine what should be done from there. If I were you I would use oral min (5mg or less) or just use regular topical min then start using a derma roller. Stay on fin or if you want something stronger go on dutasteride.

I might need to get more grafts to add density the transplant he did on me (looking into Toronto for that),I might do a review on this forum to share my experience. I'm hoping he didn't over harvest on me but I haven't had a haircut in 3.5 months since my surgery, I'll probably shave the back and sides down to see if he did.


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Hi Friend

Feeling your pain now but just slow down a bit and regroup all is not lost you got to look forward its tough but it will work out , you just need to find a Surgeon or Clinic who you can trust and has the track record and most of all can give you a plan of action. Stay with it Brother it takes courage coming on here sharing with us and remember your helping others more than your helping yourself by doing so. How many people will be reading this thinking I wont be going to that Doctor take it easy thank you again


Today is 4 months, seeing little to no growth currently, which is frustrating. The first three pics are as of today. The last pic is pre-surgery


Still early days for growth but whatever happens you'll be in the chair again to fix this mess. It's very u fair that you have to endure this and wait a year before having it fixed.