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Just booked my HT for July 2020 at The Hair Dr Clinic Drewsbury. (I will Document my progress here)



12 month update!!

Well I can’t believe it’s been 1 whole year since my HT. I recently moved house so lighting in my picture might be slightly different but I’ve taken pictures in 3 different bathrooms to try and show the results as well as going for a new hair style. Some of the pictures have a VO5 hair product on for styling purposes. I also have my 12 month consultation next week as Sommiya and Dr Arshad FaceTimed me last week to see my progress and ask how I felt my result was. It’s still slightly thinner on the right side but Dr Arshad assured me that they will inspect it next week and see what’s happening up there and promised me they will do what’s needed to sort the thinner area out. Really happy with the support the clinic have given me as well as the assurance they want me to be 100% happy with the result. Once again this has made me very pleased I picked The Hair Dr for my HT.
Congratulations on making it to 12 months, mate! I've just been looking at your pre-op photos for comparison and the change in your appearance has been awesome :). Fantastic stuff and I hope you're feeling good about things going forward.

Appreciate you consistently posting your updates, too. You may well have made progress fairly late, but it's a reminder to all of us just how varied the rate of growth is and this has certainly helped me keep a clearer head as my own growth seems to have leveled off for now.

Let us know how the check-up at The Hair Dr goes :).

Congratulations again,


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Thanks guys for the kind comments. I will defo report back what the clinic say. Its nice to look at pre op pics and see the different the HT has made