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3200 grafts with The HairDR - dewsbury (UK)



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Interesting thanks!

After doing some research myself I have gone down to 1g Fin 3 times a week.

I watched a great video explaining it here:

It decreases the chance of side effects yet still does the job intended
So do you take 1 tablet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday?
HairDr Clinic

HairDr Clinic

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The HT I had with TheHairDr has changed my life and is responsible for the changes you see,

It goes without saying a Good lifestyle change is good when having health issues (even with hair)

@Siyork89 Thanks for keeping the forum updated with your progress, which has been remarkable.

The discussion about a reduced regime of finasteride is very interesting and something that Dr Arshad has written to the British Medical Association and Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain to look into in more detail and perhaps this can become an officially recommended initial dosage regime according to the British National Formulary (BNF). At the moment the recommended licensed dose of finasteride in the UK according to the BNF for androgenetic alopecia remains at 1mg per day.